Cerese Richardson

Duality LLC co-Owner & Lead Product Developer

Working on inpatient floors at hospitals since 2009 as a Registered Nurse, Cerese has always had a passion for helping others in her community. After years of seeing the multitude of side effects and how addictive prescription medicine can be; she was determined there must be a better way to help alleviate people’s pain so that they can enjoy life again.

With today’s push back towards alternative medicine, the Endocannabinoid system has started becoming more understood, with programs starting to be offered in some medical and nursing schools in the United States. Cerese has dedicated the past several years researching and developing the highest quality CBD products on the market today! She still enjoys working one on one with consumers and patients to develop a treatment plan based on their ailment, age, weight, etc

Being a member of the American Cannabis Nurse Association and “Healer” Certified by Dr. Sulak’s program, Cerese is able to stay current on all new research being performed by some of the most brilliant researchers and advocates in the industry today! Cerese has witnessed first hand the power CBD has had in improving so many aspects of her patient’s lives, it became her driving force for her mission to help people.

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